Window Replacement in Schaumburg | Windoor Windows Installer

Do you consider window installation or window replacement in Schaumburg? Our team is second to none in professionalism and knowledge of the industry! As New Edge Window Replacement, we are dedicated to provide you quality and integrity of service. Thanks to long tradition, we’ve managed to gain a lot of skills and knowledge of new techniques that allow us to stay at the leading edge of the windows industry. 

Our offer is quite wide and includes top-notch home window replacement and installation as well as many types of windows repairs. It is very important to us that our customers know exactly what they are getting. We consult with you all the materials that we plan to use along with their prices. Our experts are ready to prepare a free estimate on your special request. Think also about your property value – new stylish windows can definitely contribute to its growth!


Consider all the pros and cons of new windows installation in Schaumburg. After that, call our team and we will talk about details.